In today’s business world, there’s no avoiding technology.

IT Relocation Services

Are you moving offices but don’t know how to safely move your computer network, PCs, servers and printers? We can definitely help you. We  specialize in IT relocation and network office moves and proudly serve the entire Front Range.  We can help you relocate all of your IT assets quickly and safely and get them

On Demand & Emergency Support

The same values and processes that have long been the foundation of our managed IT services offering, are also available as needed in On Demand situations. Hourly Service Hourly services are provided by a dedicated team focused on rapid response and complete issue remediation. These services are often useful for those who don’t need the full

Strategic IT Planning

We recognize that there are two key obstacles to developing a documented IT plan: 1) Time to execute the process and 2) a breadth of industry knowledge to know what strategic options are available. Our strategic planning process and expansive experience across a variety of industries will help you develop and manage an IT plan specific

IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation

As cloud infrastructures continue to revolutionize technology, most organizations still have some need for a localize infrastructure to support their IT needs. By designing networks with a focus on stability, reliability and value, we help our clients build local infrastructures that are simple, easy to use and manage, and that play nice with the cloud.

Cloud Consulting & Migration

“The Cloud” is a great solution but does not fit everyone or all needs all the time.  Our strategic cloud consulting process considers all kinds of cloud options and encourages clients to adopt the most reliable and effective technology platform for their unique situation. We remain firmly on the client’s side of all strategic decisions,

Server Virtualization Support & Consulting

Regardless of your situation we can help you with server virtualization. We have professional engineers and technicians that are trained and experienced working with the top virtualization solutions such as VMware and Hyper-V.  Don’t get left behind in technology, server virtualization lowers costs and increases efficiency. Lower hardware costs – virtualization reduces your need for new

In today’s business world, there’s no avoiding technology.

In today’s business world, there’s no avoiding technology. However, many smaller businesses don’t have the need or budget for full-time tech staff. NCG is available to help you with as much or as little as you need, whenever you need it. We apply our knowledge of technology and networking to set up a system that’s

Tips for Dealing with the Ransomware Threat

Tips for Dealing with the Ransomware Threat While the below tips are primarily aimed at organizations and their employees, some are also applicable to individual users. Prevention Efforts Make sure employees are aware of ransomware and of their critical roles in protecting the organization’s data. Patch operating system, software, and firmware on digital devices (which

You know all those things you hate about your IT? We get it, and we did something about it.