Supplemental IT Managment

Many organizations have a significant need for internal IT staffing. With our approach, we provide your IT team with a secret weapon designed to fill gaps, offload non-core responsibilities, provide redundancy, and offer key tool sets. We can compliment your in-house solution providing any part of a full spectrum of services.

User & Help Desk Support
High level productivity is possible only when the system is functional and the users know how to use it. We focus on supporting your users while you focus on driving the IT vision. We work with two primary objectives: 1) To keep your staff working at the highest possible level and 2) to exceed all expectations in the client service experience.

Monitoring & Maintenance
Our 24/7 monitoring system generates immediate alerts for critical system issues with multi-level notification management that integrates with your team and processes.

Strategic Planning
Surprises are rarely a good thing with technology. We map out 1/3/5 year goals and meet quarterly.  With out documented technology planning process, we remove the element of surprise and bring a unified vision to managing your business technology.

Staffing Augmentation
We provide supplemental staffing in the cases of absence, skill set needs, or by simply providing additional resources for both short and long term scenarios.

Infrastructure Management
We manage IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on the solutions that the infrastructure supports.

Remote Office Management
We act as an extension of your  IT department when you have a remote office or remote workers that needs local support & management.

Business Continuity
Data loss is nearly inevitable, varying only in degrees of severity and scale. We educate and implement solutions that work and allow you to recover and keep working.  We off a hybrid on-site/off-site cloud backup solution that ensures business continuity for all types of data loss.