Strategic IT Planning

We recognize that there are two key obstacles to developing a documented IT plan: 1) Time to execute the process and 2) a breadth of industry knowledge to know what strategic options are available. Our strategic planning process and expansive experience across a variety of industries will help you develop and manage an IT plan specific to your organization’s needs.

Key components

Business Vision & Growth Plan
We provide an IT strategy focused on your business’s future. We work to understand where your business is, where you are going, and how your technology should support one-year, three-year and five-year goals.

Strategic Technology Use Plan
We evaluate key areas of your business and determine how well your technology is facilitating complete and total efficiency. Our aim is to ensure that your technology has a purpose.

IT Service Protocol
We outline an IT support process that establishes clear service guidelines and gives you the comfort of knowing that all of you are covered.

Disaster Response Plan
By laying out a disaster response plan, we can protect you from data loss and immediately take recovery steps if a catastrophic event occurs.

Vendor Management Protocol
Technology solutions often exist in silos of service, who all point fingers at one another when problems occur. We document your technical vendor relationships to ensure efficient and direct communication.

Asset Management Plan
We know that you need to get the most value out of your computer hardware. By outlining an asset lifecycle plan, we enable you to proactively budget for necessary equipment replacement.

IT Planning Budget
We help you develop an annual budget and three-year spending forecast for IT so you can plan for routine costs and strategic improvements, while also keeping the bigger picture in clear sight.

Quarterly IT Objectives
We show progress by completing projects and providing benchmarks that keep projects moving forward.